Our Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is an active group of parishioners nine of whom are elected members serving a three year term. They represent parishioners through the various groups and ministries in the parish in which they have been actively involved. Members of Council meet monthly and advise the Parish Team and the parish priest about the needs of parishioners. They work to plan appropriate goals and objectives for the development of the spiritual, community, outreach and worship life of the parish. Each year members meet for a planning day to evaluate their work and set new priorities for the coming year. Our parish has had an active Council since 1977.

Parish Committees

  • The Parish Finance Committee is a group of parishioners with financial, legal and other professional expertise, who advise the parish priest regarding the administration of the finances and property of the parish. The Church’s canon law requires every parish to have this committee. Its members help to prepare the annual parish budget and an audited statement of parish income and expenditure, which is provided to parishioners each year.
  • The Church Building and Grounds Committee is a body of parishioners who look after the practical matters of maintaining our parish church and buildings such as the parish house, hall, Lourdes Centre, Marian Centre and presbytery as well as our grounds (almost two hectares in area).
  • The Planned Giving Support Team has been set up as a small committee of parishioners who organise distribution of our planned giving envelopes to parishioners and monitor our planned giving so that the parish can responsibly meet its financial commitments and plan for the future. Parishioners who are earning a wage or salary are urged to support the parish by regular contribution to the planned giving system through giving envelopes or by credit card deduction.