Life Teen is a comprehensive youth ministry movement with the central focus on the Eucharist. Starting with a weekly Life Teen Mass, high school teens are welcomed into an environment where they have the opportunity to experience fully the greatest gift we have as the Church. This liturgy provides the cultural connection for the teens, allowing them to take ownership of their faith so it’s not just their “parents’ thing” anymore. They begin to develop a relationship with Jesus that is both personal and real.

After the Sunday 6pm Youth Mass, teens in Years 9-12 gather for the Life Night to learn about the Church, faith and life issues in challenging ways. Teens in Years 7 and 8 gather for Into Life on Fridays from 7pm to build community through games and activities.

What attracts teens to Life Teen?

Two things … THE TRUTH and EXPERIENCE.

Teaching teens about the truth in line with the theology of the Catholic Church is how the program educates through great activities, discussions, creative Bible studies and personal experiences. Providing powerful liturgies for teens and their families is how the program helps them experience the power and love of Christ in the Eucharist, the Word of God and each other.

Life Teen is comprehensive

Focusing on a holistic approach, Life Teen has developed a program to reach high school teens on all levels: emotional, intellectual, spiritual and relational. It dispels the notion that all it takes is a social club with lots of activities to keep teens on track. It takes much more. This ministry draws every aspect of a teen’s life into a faith connection and journey with and for Jesus Christ. In addition to the powerful weekly liturgies and challenging youth meetings, there are retreats, outreach, prayer groups and weekly activities for teens that deepen their communion with Christ and each other.

It is emotional…

The atmosphere is open and loving! Life Teen provides an atmosphere where teens can express their feelings (everything from loneliness, pain, anger, and sorrow to joy) and experience the unconditional love of Christ.

It is social…

Building community is another important part of this teen ministry. The Life Teen movement helps teens become part of a community where everyone is invited to experience the fullness of life through fun and exciting activities.

It is spiritual…

Life Teen helps teens develop individual relationships with God as well as giving them the best spiritual experience of all…. The Mass. Providing teens and their parents with a liturgy geared toward their spiritual needs is the heart of the Life Teen programme.

It is educational…

Teens need to hear the truth! Strictly in line with the Theology of the Roman Catholic Church, the Life Teen program teaches through great activities, discussions, creative Bible studies and personal experiences.

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