Bequest in favour of the Parish

As Catholics our parish is our extended family within the greater family of the whole Church. We express our love for those around us by our worship and our shared journey in a life of faith.

Like the members of our close family, our Parish is assisted in meeting its goals by the financial assistance you can provide by including a gift in your will.

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Sacramental Preparation Programmes

At St Bernadette’s Parish we believe that parents are the first teachers of their children in the ways of faith. To support parents in this vital role, the Sacramental Preparation Programme emphasises family faith development. The process has been designed for children in at least Year 3, however this is a minimum age only and it is up to parents to determine the readiness of the child and whether their family is ready to begin preparing their child for the sacraments of first Reconciliation, Confirmation, and first Eucharist. For families who feel they are ready, the parish preparation programme is an integrated, year-long process in which families meet, during school terms, to prepare for the sacraments which will be celebrated at various times throughout the year. Sessions aim to help families explore and learn about God, our Catholic faith and the place of sacraments in the Christian life, and to foster an early sense of Christian discipleship.

Please watch the weekly parish bulletin – the Massabielle – for information regarding enrolling in the programme; enrolment information will only be advertised in the Massabielle.

Adults wishing to receive full initiation into the Church will continue to go through the RCIA; please contact the Parish Office for details.